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New: Online Course Reserves List!
by Library Staff - Friday, August 23, 2019, 11:28 AM

You can now browse a list of all books on reserve for a class, including ebooks, here: You can link directly to an ebook on reserve from the list. (Print books are still on the shelves in the library, with a separate section for each class.)

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Welcome to Moodle @ MLML
by Moodle Admin - Tuesday, January 22, 2019, 10:21 AM

Find your course materials here at Moodle@MLML. You can self-enroll into your classes each semester with your regular MLML login information.

Having trouble accessing courses? 

* First try logging in using your MLML username and password (same as for Populi) and then you will be able to access course content by enrolling yourself for courses on Moodle. 

* If problems continue, please notify library staff

Have a great semester!


Available courses

MS 103: Marine Ecology
Fall 4 Units

Field-oriented introduction to the interrelationship between marine and estuarine organisms and their environment; emphasis on quantitative data collection and analysis.

Ecology, statistics (or concurrent registration in MS104), consent of instructor.

MS 105: Marine Science Diving
Fall 3 Units

Skin and SCUBA diving course, pool-training culminates in ten ocean dives. Topics covered include diving physics, physiology, diving environments, night diving and research diving. Successful completion gives AAUS and MLML scientific diver certification. Not for major credit.

CERTIFIED SCUBA DIVER (OR EQUIVALENCY AS DETERMINED BY INSTRUCTOR), upper division science major status, thorough physical examination, ability to pass swimming test, instructor's consent.

MS 113: Marine Ichthyology

Spring 4 Units

A description of the taxonomy, morphology and ecology of marine fishes. Both field and laboratory work concentrate on the structure, function and habits of marine fishes and the ecological interactions of these fishes with their biotic and abiotic surroundings.


College zoology or equivalent or consent of instructor; MS 103 recommended.

MS 124: Marine Invertebrate Zoology I

Fall 4 Units

A field-oriented introduction to the structure, systematics, evolution, and life histories of the major and minor marine phyla.


College zoology or consent of instructor; MS 103 recommended.

Weekly discussion group for Phycology Lab members

MS 201: Library Research Methods in Marine Science

Spring 1 Units

Students will gain an advanced understanding of the nature of scientific information. Lectures, discussions and assignments will provide the framework for using and evaluating a variety of information sources in marine and ocean sciences. Strong emphasis will be placed on developing critical skills to interweave knowledge of the history of science into the context of bibliographic tools including the digital realm.


Graduate standing and instructor's consent.

MS 280: Scientific Writing:  Spring 2016 (3 Units)  

This course aims to demystify the writing process and teach the fundamentals of effective scientific communication using practical examples and exercises. The primary focus will be on the process of writing clear and concise proposals, but we will cover many other types of scientific communication including scientific manuscripts, posters, presentations and website design.