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New: Online Course Reserves List!
by Library Staff - Friday, August 23, 2019, 11:28 AM

You can now browse a list of all books on reserve for a class, including ebooks, here: You can link directly to an ebook on reserve from the list. (Print books are still on the shelves in the library, with a separate section for each class.)

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Welcome to Moodle @ MLML
by Moodle Admin - Tuesday, January 22, 2019, 10:21 AM

Find your course materials here at Moodle@MLML. You can self-enroll into your classes each semester with your regular MLML login information.

Having trouble accessing courses? 

* First try logging in using your MLML username and password (same as for Populi) and then you will be able to access course content by enrolling yourself for courses on Moodle. 

* If problems continue, please notify library staff

Have a great semester!


Available courses

MS 131-231: Marine Botany - Biology of Seaweeds
Fall 4 Units

Introduction to the plants of the sea, with emphasis on the morphology, taxonomy and natural history of seaweeds and seagrasses.


Instructor's consent; MS 103 recommended.

Dr. Michael H. Graham

MS 143: Chemical Oceanography

Spring 4 Units

An introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of the chemistry of the oceans, including major salts, dissolved gases, nutrient ions, carbonate system, transient tracers, and shipboard sampling techniques.


One year of college chemistry.

Course Reserves:

Weekly discussion group for Phycology Lab members

MS 204: Sampling and Experimental Design

Spring 4 Units

An introduction into building experimental designs using the statistic program "R" and processing sampled data for experimental use.

Course Reserves:

MS 208: Scientific Methods

Spring 4 Units

Course is designed to help students develop an understanding of strengths and limitations of various types of scientific reasoning, methodology, and analysis as they relate to scientific progress. Course centers on: round-table discussions of papers and techniques; interactive computer, laboratory, and field learning experiences; and development of critical thinking and writing skills.


Graduate standing, instructor's consent, and approved MLML thesis project

MS 263: Data Analysis Techniques

Spring 4 Units

Introduction to using observational oceanographic data, with hands-on practice in scientific programming for data analysis. Lecture, discussion, and practical experience including the use of existing programs and subroutine libraries. Semester project required.


Graduate standing, MS 104, college math and instructor's consent.

Course Reserve:

MS 274: Population Biology Principles of the interaction among marine organisms that result in the alteration of population structures. Techniques for assessment and management of populations.

MS 272: Subtidal Ecology Spring 4 Units

The ecology of nearshore rocky subtidal populations and communities with emphasis on kelp forests. Lectures and discussions of original literature. Fieldwork with SCUBA including group projects on underwater research techniques and community analysis, and individual research on ecological questions chosen by the student. Offered alternate spring semesters.


Graduate standing, MLML diver certification and MS 103 or equivalent (knowledge of marine algae, invertebrates, and statistics recommended).

MS 274: Advanced Topics: Aquaculture

Spring 4 Units

An introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of aquaculture.

Course Reserves: